To be eligible for membership, all you have to be is a true AMC enthusiast.  Ownership of an AMC car is not required.

All American Motors Corporation cars from 1902 to 1988 are the officially-recognized cars of this club, which includes; Nash, Rambler, Hudson, Metropolitan, Ambassador, Classic, American, Marlin, Rebel, Matador, AMX, Javelin, Hornet, Concord, Gremlin, Spirit, Eagle, Jeep and Pacer.

Members will be added to a group e-mail list and receive a periodical newsletter in the mail.  Club Event announcements will be sent out by e-mail.  The membership fee has been set at $20.00 CDN per year.  New members will receive a club decal, newsletters and a current members roster.

For new members, fill out this form.  Please leave inapplicable fields blank.

Add pictures and send it by mail to:

AMC Manitoba Car Club
Box 548
Warren, MB  R0C 3E0

This address is also good for sending in your membership cheques.  Once your registration is complete (complete contact information and annual dues received), a confirmation will be delivered to you by e-mail or other form of provided contact.

Of course, all of this can also be completed at the monthly general meetings.  See the Event Calendar for meeting times.

E-mail membership for membership questions, to change your membership details, or to add car pictures.

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